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Polar Bears Room

The Polar Bears room can accommodate up to 21 toddlers aged between 3-4 years. Our Polar Bears will be cared for by our fully qualified and experienced nursery practitioners, with a ratio of one to eight toddlers.

Within the Polar Bear room our nursery practitioners are experienced and trained to deliver the early years foundation stage curriculum. Children are free to work at their own pace with the emphasis on learning through play in our colourful and exciting room.

We also have within the room a bathroom area for the children to use, so that the children can access the toilet at all times.




Children work in small or large groups, alone or with adult support to extend their mathematical language and abilities through weighing, counting, sorting and number recognition.



Children will be able to have opportunities to look at and make books. There is a writing table for children to practise mark making. Children will be introduced to letter sounds.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Through the use of puppets and talk time the children will be encouraged to express their feelings and talk through any worries they have. They will be encouraged to be independent and gain confidence in what they do.

Understanding of the World


Children will have opportunities to explore the world around them through investigating, recording and having hands on experience in different areas such as planting, sand and water play, magnets and computer skills.

Physical Development


Children have constant access to our outdoor play area, we have a covered area so that the children can play outside whatever the weather to enable them to continue to investigate and learn through play outside and to develop their gross motor skills. Children will have opportunities to create their own flower and vegetable garden, throw, catch, build and climb.

Expressive Arts and Design


Children will be introduced to colour, texture and have opportunities to play in our role-play area. They will be encouraged to play with construction toys and make models and cards in line with our chosen themes. They will also be able to work with our cook to help in the preparation of their lunches and bake and decorate their own cakes.

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