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Little Penguins Room

The Little Penguins room can accommodate up to 14 toddlers aged between 2 -3 years old. Our Little Penguins will be cared for by our fully qualified and experienced nursery practitioners, with a ratio of one to four toddlers.

Two year olds can be very curious and love investigating the world around them; the room is well equipped with a good range of exciting and stimulating toys and games. This room follows the early years foundation stage curriculum. We also have within the room a bathroom area for the children to use, so that potty training can be made easier as the children can access the toilet at all times.


The planning is done from the interest of the children and parents can contribute by informing our nursery practitioners of their children’s particular interests when they are at home. The children have constant access to outdoor play and can enjoy gardening, building forts, riding bikes and playing ball games.




Activities include but is not limited to singing and dancing, construction,  craft, story time, sand and water and cooking. Communication books are completed by our nursery practitioners each day, detailing what your little one has been up to, to ensure that parents are fully informed about their child’s daily activities.


Potty Training & Behaviour Development


Our staff are there to help, advise and work with each parent on any issue including potty training and behaviour etc.

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